DONE-FOR-YOU SOCIAL MEDIA posts in 30 seconds without writing a single word or taking a single picture.

30 high-quality PICTURES, 20 CAPTIONS and HASHTAGS every month to your inbox.


  • Are you busy, trying to run a business and growing your Instagram profile, and your social media, but don’t have enough time to do all this?
  • Are you struggling to know what to post or which are the best hashtags?
  • Are you a blogger owner and don’t know what caption you should use to increase your engagement?
  • Are you tired of spending hours and hours reading articles that don’t provide the right solution to your problems?

On social media it’s very important to use stylish and professional images to attract your ideal clients and get more engagement. Unfortunately, it can be nearly impossible to find stock images in Internet that will enhance your brand. It can become so stressful constantly looking for the next image and there are so many more valuable ways you could be spending your time.

And… did you know that the average business on Instagram posts 1-3 times per day?

That means you need to create 7-21 new images per week! That’s a lot of valuable time spent taking and editing photos.

Want to show off how professional your business is?

Your Social Designer is the answer: it saves you time and relieves the stress of not knowing what to post.

1. Pictures

With a monthly subscription, you will get a stock of high-resolution pictures that will help you create your perfect feed. This includes flat lay images, styled desktops, florals, lifestyle images, seasonal images, fashion pictures and much more!

Don’t worry about shooting or editing the perfect image anymore, download the picture you want and post it in less than 30 seconds.


These days online entrepreneurs are expected to deliver so much visual content, that’s not only beautiful but also engaging!

Each month, you will have access to a brand new set of engaging and customizable captions, designed to increase your engagement. Copy & paste your caption and never worry again about what to write.



Each week you will receive from me new tips and trick that will teach you step-by-step how to grow your social account, this means you can focus your necessary attention on growing your business while learning new strategies on the side.


Gain access to a private Facebook group where you can get all your question answered and get inspiration and motivation from other business owners that are walking in your shoes.

Get advice on your social media content, share your experience, and connect with other like-minded people that are there to support you.


What people say about us

The best part? Once you download the photos, you can reuse them on your website, on your blog, in your newsletters, and more!

Join the Social Designer today and make sure you’re always putting your best photo forward.



$39 each/ mo

Access to 30 PHOTOS & 20 CAPTIONS currently in the library

Get access to tutorials training

Choose the hashtags to use

Instagram stories Templates

Private Facebook Group

New Instagram updates every month



$250 / 1 YEAR

Access to all 30 photos & 20 captions currently in the library and new pictures every month

Get access to tutorials training

Choose the hashtags to use

Instagram stories Templates

Private Facebook Group

New Instagram updates every month

+ A skype call with me value 200$

Plus you will get all these awesome bonuses:


Each month, you will receive new niche-specific hashtags. These hashtags are proven to work by attracting your ideal audience and targeting your potential customers.


New Instagram Stories Template each month to increase your DMs.


Instagram updates to know all the newest strategies.


You will save a lot of time that you can spend in more profitable ways.


Your Social Designer relieves the stress of not knowing what to post and provides daily content to never go blank.


Increase engagement on your posts and gain quality followers that interact and are willing to buy from you.


Get support from a tribe of like-minded people and take advantage of training materials designed to help you grow your business.

Your subscription includes:

1. Access to quality pictures

No more spending hours to take a picture, edit it and style it or searching for a photo to publish from other profiles. You will have your own quality images, ready to be posted. They change out every month so you’ll always have something fresh.

2. Access to captions

A stock of customizable captions, designed to increase your engagement. No more racking your brain trying to find the perfect phrase.

3. Access to the hashtags

Select the right hashtags for your niche, increase your engagement and grow your brand awareness

4. Access to the support

Would you like to have new Instagram Stories templates to increase your DMs each month?  Just sign up and try out!

+ BONUSES: Hashtags divided into niches, Instagram stories templates, Instagram updates



New 30 photos & 20 captions

Tutorial training

Private Facebook Group

+ Hashtags, Instagram stories Templates, Updates

$250 – 40% off


New 30 photos & 20 captions

Tutorial training

Private Facebook Group

+ Hashtags, Instagram stories Templates, Updates

Hey there, I’m Erica your new social media BFF.

I’m a photographer, an entrepreneur, and an influencer.  Thanks to my Instagram account I’ve collaborated with major brands such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, Dalani, Sephora… Thanks to my pictures and my engaging captions I have grown my Instagram profile now followed by more than 200k people.

If you want to have more time, not to be stressed about creating new pictures and finding the best caption to post or the hashtags to use, this membership will save you all the stress, all the work is done for you!

After years spent working as a marketing graphic designer, I branched out on my own to help female entrepreneurs build hugely successful brands.

I believe that if you post the right pictures with the right captions, this will help your brand stand out and acquire new clients.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up and get ready to save money and time and grow your business.