Increase your Instagram engagement


Increase your engagement with this tip. I’ve started reaching the people that are interested in my Instagram content and sending them a VOICE MESSAGE via Instagram DM.

I welcome them and I introduce myself. I tell them what I do and ask if they are interested in joining my free course. 85% of people respond and sign up for my freebie.

This will help boost our engagement because Instagram sees that we have a relationship with our audience, as we send each other messages.

Plus, in this way, you will not look spammy because if you send the same text message over and over Instagram can ban your account, while voice messages are not readable.


BEFORE you post a new photo to Instagram engage with your current followers. This tells the Instagram algorithm that you are close friends with those followers and then they are more likely to see your content.

When you post a picture, it is very important to receive the most engagement in the first 30 minutes, in this way your account is more likely to be shown in the most popular hashtags.

Add your hashtags in the caption, remember to use quality hashtags (not too big).

Go to the profiles relevant to your niche, like 3 of the most recent pictures, follow their account and leave a quality comment. Engage for 15 minutes with accounts like yours or a little bigger.

If you don’t know how to find a profile relevant to your niche, search for a hashtag, for example, #mummyblogger and check the new pictures that have been posted.
If you add these tips to your daily routine, you will bring quality followers to your account and your picture will reach the top posts.


Delete ghost followers (that are inactive accounts) from your current follower list. Spend time each day going through your followers and seeing when they last posted. If it was years ago, they maybe no longer get on Instagram and thus don’t see your posts.

Moreover, as ghost accounts are typically easily detected due to their inactivity on Instagram, a brand’s real follower may become uninterested with interacting with someone that would risk their reputation by paying for followers.

Deleting these accounts will bring your follower count down, BUT it will bring your engagement rate UP!

Put quality first by investing in attracting real followers, which will ultimately boost your rate of engagement.