Proven Engagement Strategies

One of the most important things in Instagram is to participate in the community. Now that we have set up our profile (if you haven’t posted a screenshot of your profile yet on the FB group, please do it so I will review it, or if you prefer you can send me an email at, we have to start finding the right audience.

And how can we do that? 
We have defined our ideal followers, so now the easiest way to grow our profile is to find and follow the right people. These will be:

  • Competitors in your market
  • Your dream clients

Look at your competitors and analyze what they do to make them stand out. What hashtags are they using? What pictures? How many times do they post?
In this way, you can understand what your ideal followers are sharing and commenting on. You will also learn what they like the most and how you can reach them more effectively.

The next step is to start interacting with them. Like 3 pictures, leave a genuine comment and then start following the account. If they are your dream client, they will follow you back.

You will find that many people you follow will follow you back. You will gain insights into what your clients need, and you will grow your Instagram following as well.
So, I want you to practice identifying your competitors and finding your dream clients.

We all know that you can pay to get fake followers and likes but, in my opinion, this is not fair and good. That’s why I would recommend you not to do so. Moreover, don’t you think that it’s better to have real followers that interact with you and buy from you? It is going to take some work and time to grow your Instagram, but you will get long-lasting results.

Likes are a must do, you have to like as much as possible so that people will follow you (max 60 per hour, remember to follow Instagram rules). If you have a small account don’t overdo it or Instagram will block this function for some time.

You should like pictures that are relevant to your niche, so I suggest you like people who have features in common with your brand. You should search for hashtags such as #bosslady, #ceo, #bossbabe, #girlboss, #entrepreneur if you are an entrepreneur.
If you are a fashion blogger you should search for #ootd #fashionblogger #style etc… I spend 30-min to an hour like those pics. You can also go to your competitors’ pages, click on their followers and start liking their pics so that they will notice you and follow you.

Another way to get followers is to follow people yourself. Again, you need to follow your ideal clients and not random people.
You should now have identified your ideal competitors, someone that has a similar account. So start following their followers.

Another way is to look at the comments on your competitors’ photos. Look for followers that comment and then start liking their pictures and following them.

Why do I suggest you do that? Because if they comment on their pictures, they are very engaged and this will help you convert them into your ideal followers.

Another way to get people to follow you is to comment on their photos (ask a question or leave a compliment). As always, use your hashtags to find the right audience and then comment on their pics.

Another way to boost your followers are contests. For example, you could do a giveaway, such as a $100 Sephora card (always something relevant to your niche) and encourage your followers to use your hashtag and to repost the contest picture on their IG profile. In this way, their followers will see your brand. If you use this strategy, the more people will see the pictures and use your hashtag, the more people will start following you.

Engage your audience by asking them to do something. For example, when I talk about goals, I ask my followers to list 3 of their goals for the day, and then I ask them to tag a friend.
I usually do this once a week and I methodically do it when I do my paid shout outs.

Remember: the post with the call to action has to be a really great pic, so people will be more than happy to tag their friends.