Do you want to learn of to creat 30 Instagram post fast? Today I’m gonna explain to you how to create Create 30 Days of Instagram Content In Just One Day. And I’ll do it showing you exactly what I do.

Today I’m gonna explain to you how to create Create 30 Days of Instagram Content In Just One Day. And I’ll do it showing you exactly what I do.

The key to any marketing plan and visual content strategy is having a story to tell, pictures, video, and quotes are the best way to show your story.

First thing first, I decide how many posts I will create for that month. For example, I usually post 5 pictures per week, that means 25 pictures a month, and I also decide which type of content I’m going to post, like travel posts, flatlays, quotes, etc.

How to Create 30 Days of Instagram Content In Just One Day

Once you have decided the number of your posts, you need to set one day in your calendar for content creation and scheduling!

After setting the day, I buy the products that I need to prepare my massive photo shoot. They can be flowers, fruits, makeup products, or any object I like to put in my photos. I try to pick objects of varying sizes and shapes in order to create visual interest. I usually spend 30/40€ per month.

Then I prepare my background, I normally use white cloth because I think that it’s best to keep things simple. A plain white background works well because it won’t distract from your props, but you can also pick a neutral like a wood floor or a table, or you can add a marble background.

Where to find Inspiration to create 30 Days of Instagram Content In Just One Day

To compose your shot you need creativity. If you feel stuck, you can find inspiration by cooking a meal from scratch, exercising a new fitness routine, gardening, going to the cinema, or even just going for a walk outside and observing nature around you.
Once you have found your inspiration, start composing your set-ups. I try to create balance in my photo by mixing smaller objects with larger objects and using a color palette to get a cohesive look.

Before starting shooting, it’s very important to set a goal you want to achieve, for example, I plan to shoot 30 different set-ups in 4 hours. Having a deadline forces you to take action.

When I’m ready, I start taking pictures… a lot of pictures because you need to find the best perspective.

The light is the key to take great pictures

Consider that light is the key to a good photo, so play around in your house to find the best light.
It’s better to shoot when the light is very strong because we’re are shooting inside, so you should take your pictures next to a window or you can buy some lights.

You also have to consider the platform where you are going to post the picture. If you want to post to Instagram, a square layout is the best format. If you are going to post it on Facebook, shoot horizontally.
I shoot my pictures with a professional camera, but if you don’t have one, you can use your phone. Nowadays, most smartphones have good cameras, so you can take quality pictures anyway.

That’s what I do for flatlay images.

Landscape Images

I also take lots of landscape and lifestyle pictures, because they usually get more likes and engagement on Instagram. I take them during my travels, by the sea, in the mountains, in the cities. Or if I’m at home, I take my camera and I go out on the streets of Bergamo, the city where I live, and I take lifestyle pictures there. I shoot them in the morning or late afternoon when natural light is most flattering.

Lightroom presets

I spent an entire day taking pictures. When I have my perfect shots, I download them from the camera to my computer and then it’s time to get editing. You might have a good photo, but with some simple edits, you can seriously up the wow factor. One of the tools I use is Lightroom presets. They are like photo filters, except you have more control over them and can adjust pretty much anything in your photo. Since many presets are offered in collections, you can choose from a selection of filters for each of your photos while still maintaining a cohesive look on your Instagram feed. Creating a cohesive aesthetic for your feed is super important if you want to attract more followers and engagement.

I also use Canva, a tool for creating custom social media graphics. With dozens of fonts and text stylings, Canva makes it easy to create unique, high-quality images that are great for sharing on social media or your blog.

Save time

I’m offering a free test of my Social designer a monthly subscription that includes stock photos, captions, hashtags to post on your social media every single day. No more stress to create pictures write captions and find the perfect hashtags. I will do the work for you.


Well, that’s my typical day when I create 30 Days of Instagram Content In Just One Day. Always remember to set a timeline: go shopping, prepare the photo shoot, take a predetermined number of photos, edit them and finally share them.


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Let me know in the comment what you do to create 30 days of Instagram content in one day.


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  1. This is such a wonderful post that is crazy helpful for bloggers like myself. I never considered getting all of my instagram work done ahead of time, but I 100% should. Do you use Hootsuite or something to schedule them?

  2. So many great ideas here!! Thank you so much for sharing! It is definitely the struggle getting that content lol

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