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Just Some of the Brands I’ve Collaborated With To Date…
How Amazing Would It Be If Companies Like
Maybelline, Garnier and Sephora Asked
You to Collab with Them?!

If you’re trying to become a social media influencer, you know what a big deal that is!

Not only do you get amazing products to try and demo for your followers…

But you get instant recognition and a chance at being featured in the feeds and stories of these mega brands with HUGE followings!

Think of brands like Sephora, Garnier, Swatch, and L’Oreal.

They each have MILLIONS of followers and are always looking for influencers to collab with…

So how do companies like this pick YOU to be one of their brand ambassadors or influencers?

Well here’s the truth…

Getting a Collab Deal with Big Brands
ISN’T As Hard As You Think!

A lot of people think they need to have a HUGE following before they’ll get noticed…

Or they already have to be “insta famous”…

Or they have to pay big “registration fees” to get deals with big brands.

But there’s a little known “secret” to getting those deals…

In fact, you can even start working with brands when you have as little as 1,000 followers!

I figured this out the hard way, after trying to build my own career as a full-time influencer.

I thought I needed to have millions of followers before I qualified for those projects.

And that my IG feed had to be PERFECT or nobody would want to partner with me.

I also thought brands and PR companies would just somehow find me if I posted enough times a day and created awesome content.

These were ALL big mistakes.

And seriously slowed down my growth!

But in just a minute, I’m going to show you exactly what helped ACCELERATE my growth and helped me become a very well-paid influencer…

My name is Erica.

I’m a photographer, an entrepreneur, and an influencer.

I’ve always wanted to travel the world and build my own business.

Being a social media influencer allows me to do exactly that, and I’ve collaborated with tons of high-profile brands while traveling to places like Bali, London, and Paris.

But it wasn’t always this way.

It took me a while to figure out how to actually get connected to these brands, and how to build my following organically.

After some trial and error, I figured out what brands are REALLY looking for.

And I also figured out how much they are willing to pay when you pitch them right.

Because Success As an Influencer is
ALL in Your Approach…

The pitch is where you get to tell a company who you are, what you can do for them, and why they should choose you.

But SO many influencers miss this part!

They come on too strong…

Or they aren’t confident enough.

They talk about themselves too much and forget to share what they can do for the brand…

Or they skip the pitch altogether and hope to be chosen because they have a pretty IG profile or thousands of followers!

So let me show you EXACTLY how to pitch.

I know what works after testing probably hundreds of pitches.

And I’ve even compiled a list of agencies LOOKING for influencers that want to hear your pitch!

You just have to know HOW to pitch…

And WHERE to pitch.

When I had all this dialed in, I started getting MASSIVE deals.


In fact, a specific set of emails I sent generated $1,000 in my first month!


And now I’ve built a full-time career just promoting products on social media and sharing updates with my followers!

But that’s not ALL I do right now….

When friends and other influencers saw how great I was doing, they started to ask me to show them!

So I’ve started teaching what I’ve learned… 

And created the Brand Collaboration Formula that can help virtually anyone:
If You Want to Work with BIG Brands and Don’t Know Where to Start, THIS is For You!

I’ve created a step-by-step system that can help you get on the fast-track to landing PAID brand collaborations and build your following.

If you’re serious about becoming a full-time social media influencer…

If you want to make SERIOUS waves online, get noticed, and build your personal brand, this is for you!

Take your Insta feed from “all over the place” to “OOO-she’s-someone-I-want-to follow (hire, collab with, whatever you want!)”

This will work for you EVEN if you’re:


I can say with 100% confidence this will work for you because I show you how to attract REAL followers and collaborate with BIG brands that want you to be part of their team!

And you can do it all without being pushy, without imitating other influencers, and without doing it for free! YES, you really can monetize your social posts…

And even make a part-time or full-time income from it!

I show you everything you need to know in The Brand Collaboration Formula!

Here’s What People Are Saying About this Program!

~ Rudy Van Den Berg
Beauty Guru

“All these materials are amazing and they are worth way more than what Erica charges. Learning from someone who's been there, done that and in a totally authentic way is the only way to find success on Instagram, and that's exactly what you'll get here.

I have just on a 6 month ambassadorship with a hair care company that pays me $1050.

Originally, they only wanted to send me a free product in exchange for a review but I sent my media kit that Erica provides, with one of the scripts and they came back with a month ambassadorship program! Thank you Erica”

~ Camilla Giannone
Curvy Influencer

“I cannot thank you enough Erica! Thanks to all these amazing templates I have now a clear vision on how to reach brands and collaborate with them.

I've just received my first sponsored post, I was shocked because I have only 2k Instagram followers.

I'm so happy! Thanks so much Erica.”

What’s Included in The
Brand Collaboration Formula

Become a Successful Paid Influencer E-Book
($97 value)

Learn how to turn your Instagram into a platform that will allow you to make money while you sleep, attract sponsors, and help you find your ideal audience.

Inside the book you will find answers to:

DONE-FOR-YOU Brand Pitch Templates
($197 value)

I’m giving you the EXACT email templates I use to get PAID sponsorships for clothing, makeup, lifestyle products, and even PAID POSTS!

Just customize them for the brands you want to work with and send them out! These WILL get their

attention and have brands saying YES to a sponsorship or collab deal…no matter how many followers you have!

How to Get Paid and Work with Amazing Brands
($97 value)


In this video training, I’ll show you how to get brands to notice you and PAY you as an influencer!

You’ll learn how to attract the right brands and reach out to them.

Working with brands can be an awesome way for you to make money as an influencer and get exposure to their built-in audience! I’ll show you exactly how to land awesome partnerships with top-tier brands!

Customizable Media Kit Template
($197 value)


Every top influencer has a Media Kit, a document that showcases who you are, what your IG or blog is about, and stats on your following, brands you’ve worked with, and what you’ve done in the past.

Even if you’re just getting started, this is an extremely valuable tool for getting noticed!

I’m giving you my media kit template that you can customize for your own personal brand and start sending to brands and companies you want to work with. Trust me, this WILL get you noticed and set you apart from hundreds of other influencers vying for the same opportunities!

How to Increase Your Engagement
($97 value)

I’ll give you the insider tips and tactics to increase your post engagement and grow your account…FAST!

This is the SAME strategy I used to grow my Instagram account that now has over 190k followers. 

I break it all down for you into 6 easy steps for a super engaged and loyal following!
But That’s Not All!
I’m also giving you these EXCLUSIVE bonuses!

List of Agencies to Start Collaborating with Right NOW

($49 Value)


Once you have everything ready to go, you need to know WHERE to go. So I’ll give you a complete guide to finding the brands to collaborate with! You’ll get a list of agencies you can contact right away for partnerships, sponsored posts and paid collaborations!

How to Connect with Brands & PR Agencies
($29 value)


Get the 411 on HOW to connect with all those brands you want to work with and how to approach PR agencies the right away. 

Lightroom Presets
($49 value)


Get instant access to a series of Lightroom presets to improve your pictures, create stunning themes, and build a polished and professional-looking feed.

And you’re covered by my 100% Money-Back Guarantee
Love It, or 100% Money-Back Guarantee

All subscribers are protected by a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you apply all my strategies and you don’t get results, you can ask for a refund no questions asked for a full refund!

As you can probably guess, this is EASILY worth over $800 in value…

Once you know how to use everything I show you in here, you could be getting invitations to stay at luxury hotels, enjoying meals at 5-star restaurants, and getting the latest beauty products, tech gear, and clothing sent to you by today’s top brands!

All of that is PRICELESS…

As you can probably guess, this is EASILY worth over $800 in value…

Once you know how to use everything I show you in here, you could be getting invitations to stay at luxury hotels, enjoying meals at 5-star restaurants, and getting the latest beauty products, tech gear, and clothing sent to you by today’s top brands!

All of that is PRICELESS…

But for a limited time, I’m giving you access to the ENTIRE program — the ebook, the templates, the guides, checklists, and more for a FRACTION of what this is worth…

You won’t be paying $500 for it…

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For a limited time, you can get the entire
Brand Collaboration Formula for…
Reg. $150
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Go back to what you’re doing now, maybe building your account and posting every day to build your following. Know you want to do A LOT more on social but just don’t want to get the roadmap all done for you for $19 right now…

Do nothing. You decide this is all too much right now and even though I’m practically giving you a shortcut solution for becoming a well-paid influencer, you decide this isn’t for you after all and you’re happy with your social media life right one.

Go for it and start closing deals with big brands, FAST. You say yes today, grab all the bonuses, and start using the templates and guides I give you. Your following starts to grow and you set up some amazing (and well-paid) collaborations with brands you love!

The choice is yours…
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And put yourself on the path to being a well-paid, even full-time influencer traveling the world and getting access to a ton of products and freebies before the rest of the world gets them!

For a limited time, you can get the entire 
Brand Collaboration Formula for…

Reg. $150
Only $19!
100% Money-Back Guarantee!
About Erica Tironi

I’m a photographer, an entrepreneur, and an influencer.

Thanks to my Instagram account I’ve collaborated with major brands such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, Dalani, Sephora…

Thanks to my pictures and my engaging captions I have grown my Instagram profile now followed by more than 200k people and have been paid as much as $1,000+ per post!

If you’ve always wanted to be an influencer and build your social media profiles like a PRO, join me in my Brand Collaboration Formula program to learn exactly what “insiders” know about being a full-time influencer that can charge hundreds, even thousands per post!

I reveal it all in my program and am committed to helping influencers and entrepreneurs succeed online.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

*if you apply all my strategies and you don’t get results, you can ask for a refund no questions asked