Instagram Boss Academy
Learn my step-by-step method on how to grow and monetize your Instagram account.

Let me tell you a secret.

Maybe you think there is no room for you out there or that you cannot stand out from the noise. 

And maybe you’ve already tried other courses that definitely didn’t help.
So you worry about spending other money and time and you sometimes doubt yourself and this industry…
… BUT, inwardly, you STILL wants to grow your social media and business, and take this influencer thing full-time.


  • Finding your unique brand voice so you stand out
  • Creating a massive community of targeted and engaged followers that love your content, visit your website and sign up for your email list
  • Selling your products or services, and generating income by simply posting on social media
  • Knowing how to create consistent and high-quality content and having people engage with it
  • Starting to collaborate with major brands and getting paid collaborations
  • Getting tons of DMs from potential clients asking to buy from you and thanking you for doing what you do
  • Becoming your own boss and getting the freedom to work from anywhere you want and set your own hours

Well, we’ve created the perfect program for getting all this and we’re ready to help make this your reality!

Instagram can attract your ideal clients, increase sells, drive traffic to your blog, increase your subscribers, allow you to collaborate with major brands.
You will be seen as an authority and you will increase your income.

Instagram Boss Academy IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF…

⇒ you’re prepared to put in the work to take your business to the next level: you just need to know exactly what to do.

⇒ you want to find your niche and position yourself as an authority in that niche. Finding the right niche is the first step to Instagram success.

⇒ you want to turn your followers into friends and create an engaged tribe instead of a big amount of uninterested followers. When it comes to Instagram it’s all about quality over quantity.

⇒ you want to convert followers into website traffic and clients: you’ll learn how to create a balance between personal and promotional content.

⇒ you’ve already tried all the best practices you’ve found on the Net but still find yourself lacking specific direction and a system that is right FOR YOU.


Instagram Boss Academy: a step-by-step plan on how to grow and monetize your Instagram account

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Inside you will learn:

Module #1: Define Your Unique Brand

  • Determine your most profitable purpose and niche for your brand
  • Identify your audience (find out who they are, and how to find them)
  • Discover how the algorithm works, and how to use it to attract new quality followers and engage current ones
  • My top tips for building a community — not just an audience

Module #2: Create High-Quality Content

  • Create high-quality pictures using editing tools and composition tricks
  • Get my guide to the best camera lenses for a more professional look
  • Discover the best kinds of photos to take for your niche and how to batch content
  • Find the best theme for your feed to attract your ideal followers/clients
  • Learn how to write a caption that really engages your audience and encourages likes, saves and shares

Module #3: Use Instagram Stories & IG TV like a Pro

  • Learn how to use IG TV to grow your audience and engagement
  • Find out the top kinds of Stories that will increase your views and engagement
  • Make the most out of your Instagram Story Highlights to show others why your account is unique and valuable
  • Create custom branded Instagram Highlights covers

Module #4: Build an Engaged Audience

  • Discover who your perfect followers are and where to find them
  • Master your Instagram analytics and make those numbers work for you
  • Use Instagram’s free built-in features to find more of your perfect followers
  • Discover the best hashtags and how to use them
  • Engage with real, ideal followers and build trust with them
  • 7 things to do when you’re losing followers & engagement

Module #5: Make money, increase your sales, get more customers & work with brands

  • Get the Instagram monetization strategies right for YOUR account
  • As an influencer, learn how to pitch brands for sponsorships and paid collaborations (knowing exactly what to charge)
  • As a service-based or coaching business, learn how to drive traffic from the app to your website – and increase leads & sales
  • As an online shop or product business, learn the fastest ways to drive sales and build a loyal community of followers that will turn into customers
  • Use affiliate links and programs
  • Discover how to sell in Direct Messages

Module #6: Use IG ads to maximize your results

  • Discover how to run Instagram Ads
  • Define the right budget for your marketing objective
  • Master Facebook Pixel, Custom Conversions and learn how to use the Ads Manager.
  • Discover how to Spy On Your Competitors’ Ads

Plus you will get all these amazing bonuses:

  • Access to my Closed Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions and get answers (VALUE 1000$)
  • Free Updates & Program Additions for the rest of your life
  • A Media KIT so you can start collaborating with brands and be professional right from the start (VALUE $50)
  • Free swipe file of the email I use to collaborate with brands. (VALUE $150)
  • 2 Coaching calls where I will answer all your questions (VALUE $1000)
  • Free access to my Membership support for 1 month + access to pictures, captions and prompts
  • Hashtags perfect for every business owner and any lifestyle niche

Hey there, I’m Erica your new social media BFF.

I’m a photographer, an entrepreneur, and an influencer

Thanks to my Instagram account I’ve collaborated with major brands such as L’Oréal, Maybelline, Dalani, Sephora… Thanks to my pictures and my engaging captions I have grown my Instagram profile now followed by more than 200k people.

If you want to have more timenot to be stressed about creating new pictures and finding the best caption to post or the hashtags to use, this membership will save you all the stress, all the work is done for you!

After years spent working as a marketing graphic designer, I branched out on my own to help female entrepreneurs build hugely successful brands.

But I haven’t always had a freedom-based online Instagram business.

When I started my blog, I was working as a graphic and web designer. I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

Since I worked from 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday, I didn’t have free time. I spent one hour and a half to get to my job.

I really needed to change my life.

One day I came across an article where Danielle Bernstein, the famous  blogger founder of We wore what, explained that she was earning more than $3K for posting a picture on her profile

I was excited to learn more and create my own Instagram business.

This is where my journey began.

I spent a lot of time learning and doing research on Instagram, and finally I started to see the results. My account has grown so fast and I have major brands contacting me to pay me for posts, I have created a 6 figure business selling my products and creating my digital agency.

It has been hard work but now I want to teach you how to have your own Instagram business.

So, even if you’re new to Instagram, don’t have an audience, or have no idea how to grow your account Instagram Boss Academy will answer all those questions for you!

I will explain how you can achieve all of this too!


$297 $197
  • Join us today!

What Our customers are saying

Patrizia Cilli

I was really struggling, I was confused and I didn’t know what to post, what pictures to take. 

But thanks to Erica I finally found my style and now I’m getting more clients thanks to Instagram, I started her course when I had 5k and now my brand has grown so fast I’ve just reached 50k followers.



‘I started Instagram Boss Academy 2 months ago and I have already improved my Instagram theme. 

This is amazing! I love the tips Erica gave me, she answered all my questions and she was there to help me out. 

The course is very easy to follow and full of spreadsheets to help in the process. Now I have some collaborations with brands and I got invited to some events’



Transform your business

Take your Insta feed from 
“all over the place” to “Oooo-she’s-someone-I-want-to follow
(hire, collab with, whatever you want!)”

Can we talk for a moment about what is holding you back?

“But Erica, I’m not the best at tech!”

For some reason, there’s this misconception that we need to be tech wizards to succeed in online business. I promise you that you have whatever it takes to learn the tech necessary to succeed.

I’ll give you all the tools to be successful and you will get step-by-step instruction on how to use them.

“I’m too busy – I don’t think I have time for this!”

I guess you usually spend some time following blogs and IG accounts, reading articles, trying to find the best strategies hoping that something will stick.


Well, you don’t need more time to make your business work. With a step-by-step plan, things are much easier and you just need to follow it to get the most return and grow your business.

“I just don’t think I can spend that amount right now!”

Do you ever watch aspiring entrepreneurs wasting hundreds of hours and energy trying to figure it out themselves, instead of making a relatively small but vital investment in getting it right quickly?

An investment that pays for itself within months.

Your money and time are valuable. With the help of those who have done it before you can get long-lasting results spending less time and effort.


When does the course start and finish?

Once you have purchased the course, you get a username and password, so you can take the course whenever you’d like at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the course?

Lifetime access! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like Amazing right?!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes I do, if you are not happy you can email me within 15 days after your purchase for a full refund.

Do I need to have a business to take this course?

No, you do not need to have already a business, blog or even an Instagram account. This course is great for beginners and current Instagram users.

Now it’s time to make a decision: for less than $200, you can get everything. It is less than a fancy dinner. 
Think of it as an investment for your future. And if you are not happy, you can ask me your money back. So just click the button below and sign up. You will receive a welcome email with all the details, plus a link to the Facebook group.

→You have two options.

You can dream about having your own Instagram business and wonder how people like you are getting paid for posts…. OR you can invest in this course and learn EXACTLY how to have a successful online Instagram business and income.

100 money

To sum it up, here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Instagram Boss Academy ($1,500 value)
Access to the private, exclusive Facebook group ($1000 value)
2 Coaching calls where I will answer all your questions ($1000 value)

Access to my membership free for one month, where you will get pictures, captions, direct support with me, hashtags…

That’s a $4,000 value.

But I’m giving it to you for just:


$297 $197
  • Join us today!