6 Reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your Strategy. How much time do you spend watching Instagram stories every day? I personally spend a lot of time watching them, sometimes before I even look at the new images in my feed. What about you? If you’re like me, that says a lot about Instagram Stories.

Discover on this post 6 Reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your Strategy and how to apply them into your business.

They’re powerful, captivating, engaging, and of course fun! If you haven’t added them to your Instagram strategy yet, you need to!

6 Reasons why Instagram Stories should be a part of your Strategy

With over 400 million Instagram users watching Instagram stories every day, by not posting any to your account, you’re missing out on a huge potential to build your relationship with your audience, increase traffic to your feed and acquire new clients.

There are three main features that distinguish Instagram Stories and represent the key concepts for communication between brand and customer:

  • Quick
  • Engaging
  • Dynamic

They are fun to create and watch, their format is not demanding and they allow you to rock out your personality and show the world what makes you unique.
But that’s not all! There are many other reasons why you should use them…

  • They are effortless

While when posting on Instagram you have to pay attention to graphics, text, and hashtags, a quality story requires a quick idea, an interesting moment and good creativity!

  • They can be used as a test

Instagram Stories reach is relatively lower than posts, and for this reason, they are ideal to test ideas and assess your content’s appeal, so you can understand if you can post the same content on your Feed or not.

  • Free your creativity

With all the functions available (stickers, hashtags, locations, gifs, etc.) Instagram Stories allow you to free your creativity with an impressive number of combinations and effects.

  • Promote exclusivity

By showing people what you’re working on, and giving them ‘sneak peaks’ of what’s happening behind the scenes shots gives a sense of exclusivity. Everyone loves to feel like they’re special – and you’re also creating a bit of hype behind what you’re working on.

  • Drive your traffic

Instagram has provided 2 interesting tools to manage and drive traffic from the stories to our business: the Swipe-Up Links and the Shoppable Stories Stickers.
As for the swipe-up links, Instagram is now letting all business Instagram accounts with 10,000 or more followers add links to Instagram Stories. Before, this feature was only available to verified Instagram accounts.

Increase your sales

This is a perfect way for your business to get followers directly from the app to a product page. By posting photos of products or services on your Story that link directly to your website, you’ll be making it so easy for your followers and potential customers to make a purchase.

The shoppable stories stickers allow you to link e-commerce products to your business profile on Instagram, so you can easily connect your audience with the products and services you sell. When watching your story, your followers can tap on each sticker to learn more about the product and, ultimately, make a purchase. Tagging products in Instagram Stories stickers can be a more organic way to promote shopping and allows you to showcase product details without seeming too sales-y or spammy.

What makes this feature so great is that you can use it even if you have less than 10,000 followers.

Like any new social media platform, Instagram Stories will take some getting used to but don’t let that stop you from integrating it into your strategy immediately. The best way to learn what works is to get stuck in and test new ideas.

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Have you added Instagram stories into your Strategy?

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